From the recording I'll Tell You


It took me three whole years
to realize I love you (love you)
and now you've got some girl who's turning
into your world
and I'm just another friend
just another girl who
never saw this coming

It took me too long to realize I'm in love with you
love with you
Could you please figure out you love me too
will this ever do
I'm in love with you
Can you be in love with me too?

When did I figure out that
happiness is in your smile
and happy endings don't mean
wondering what could be
step it up, why don't you try
I think I should try to fall in love
with another guy
please tell me I'm dreaming
tell me I'm going


Like dreams aren't good enough for me
I'll dream you up so good
you can't compare
I'll daydream my days away
since there's nothing else I can do 'cause