1. The Worst Part

From the recording I'll Tell You


Their smiles are the worst
'cause I had no idea
just how much it would hurt
just watching them exchange a glance
across the room
'cause I had no idea, no idea
they were so connected
like the ground to the earth

Pre-Chorus: but the worst part (x3)

Is that I knew this would be bad
and I knew it would get worse
and I knew this would happen
but I had no idea, just how much
it would hurt

The privacy that they never get
is the worst 'cause you know they want it
and the silences are the worst
'cause they have so much to say that they
can't say in front of you
their smiles are the worst
'cause they've got their own little secrets


Just the way he smiles and laughs when she's around it
just hurts
'cause I wanted to be the one
the one he would smile and laugh with
but I guess the grass always looks greener